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Fighting for Jerusalem

Nov 11, 2011

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The demand that Jerusalem be sundered into parts is unwise, and unfair both to Jewish history and to Israel’s fine stewardship of the city. It is an obstacle to peace, not something that helps bring peace now. It is not the Zivotofsky petition that “jeopardizes the vital interests of Israel” but Peace Now’s demand that Jerusalem be divided.

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JPPPI Pumping for the “Traumatic” Division of Jerusalem?

Oct 11, 2010

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Jewish leaders convening in Jerusalem at this sensitive time of Israel-Palestinian negotiations should be looking for ways to strengthen the Jewish People’s permanent claim to united Jerusalem, not searching for ways out of the “trauma” of conceding Jerusalem, as Avinoam Bar-Yosef of the JPPPI hints.

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Abandoning Jerusalem

Aug 10, 1997

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Published in The Jerusalem Post on August 10, 1997.
There’s few things worse than being labeled a deserter. Nobody’s come right out and said it, yet, but that’s how I feel. …

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