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Remembering Dr. Joseph Burg

Oct 17, 1999

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An entire generation of Religious Zionists was orphaned by the passing of the legendary Dr. Burg. His departure left Religious Zionists up on the hilltops with Hanan Porat, far from the national consensus or from influence on public discourse.

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Mordechai’s future

Sep 13, 1998

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One father to his son: Go out and change this country for the better.
Published in The Jerusalem Post, September 13, 1998.
Raising a child isn’t easy in a society that is …

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Seeking Jerusalem

May 24, 1998

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In our day, to be a ‘Doresh Yerushalayim’, a seeker of Jerusalem, involves the demand of a surety, the demand of title, the staking of a political, national and exclusive claim to the city.

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Remembering Nehama Leibowitz

Apr 5, 1998

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One slab of limestone in Jerusalem’s Har Tamir cemetery stands out for its simplicity. Three modest words suffice to record the deceased’s powerful life and times: “Nehama Leibowitz, Teacher”.

“Servants of …

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How to Build a House in Israel

Oct 19, 1997

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We just completed a major home renovation, after living in our home for 15 years and raising six kids. In recognition of this milestone, below is a reprint of a 1997 oped column I published when we were first building our home….

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